About Us

Canadian Parents for French is a national non-profit  organization.  CPF operates in three levels: it has a national level, provincial levels  (referred to as Branches) and school district levels (referred to as  Chapters).

When you join CPF, you join at the national level and become a member at all levels.

National Level The national head office of Canadian Parents for French is in Ottawa. Their web-site is www.cpf.ca.  This office handles memberships, insurance issues, creates and  distributes a newsletter to all members three times a year and liaises  with the Federal Ministry of Canadian Heritage. They host a conference  every second year in different cities for CPF members from across  Canada. Ten percent (10%) of membership fees go towards operating the  national office. The national office is run by a board of volunteers, an  executive director and a small support staff.

Provincial Level Our provincial office is the Canadian Parents for French – BC and Yukon Branch. Their web-site is www.cpf.bc.ca.  The Branch office provides chapter support, creates and distributes a  newsletter to all BC & Yukon members three times a year, liaises  with the British Columbia Ministry of Education, and organizes  provincial-wide events such as Concours d’art Oratoire and Rencontre  Francaise. Ten percent (10%) of membership fees go towards operating the  provincial office. The provincial office is run by a board of  volunteers, an executive director and a small support staff.

District Level We are the  Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows chapter and we handle local events and issues for our school district.  Eighty percent (80%) of our member’s CPF membership fees go towards  our events and activities in Maple Ridge and Pit Meadows. Our chapter is run by a  volunteer board of elected members. Board members are typically parents  of French Immersion students. We encourage parents from our French Immersion schools to attend. Having  representatives from every school can facilitate communication with PACs  and the distribution of newsletters. There is no paid staff at this  level. Anyone interested in finding out more about us and what we do is  encouraged to attend our meetings.


To collaborate with School District #42 to provide assistance and support to all students learning French in our community.

Who we are:


President – Nicki Pritchard

Co-Vice Presidents –

Secretary -Nicole Gatto

Treasurer -Katherine Albrechtsen

School Representatives:

Pitt Meadows Elementary, Pitt Meadows – Nicole Gatto

Eric Langton Elementary, Maple Ridge – Katy Edwards

Maple Ridge Elementary, Maple Ridge – vacant

*NOTE: We are currently seeking a volunteer to be the School Representative for Maple Ridge Elementary. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us.

Laity View Elementary, Maple Ridge –  Jennifer Wong/Nicki Pritchard

Golden Ears Elementary, Maple Ridge – vacant

Maple Ridge Secondary High School, Maple Ridge – Katherine Albrechtsen

Pitt Meadows Secondary High School, Pitt Meadows – Lianna Henderson (Acting)

Website:  Ivana Perera

Reading Program “Lisons Ensemble” Coordinators: Jerome Nirsimloo (MR) / Lianna Henderson (PM)

What we do:
Chapter Meetings

French Film Festival

French Summer Camp

Parent Survival Night


French Book Fairs


Concours d’art oratoire


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