CPF French Film Fest 2017

Canadian Parent for French Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Chapter is please to present French Film Festival 2017.  The date is Tuesday February 21st   at  The ACT Maple Ridge.

We are excited to present the following films:

 For the intermediate students:

 La Guerre des Tuques screened at 9:30


For the Primary students:

Un Monstre à Paris screened at 12:30


No Admission Fees

We are very pleased to offer this event free of charge to students and schools.  This year our Chapter has worked hard to raise funds to cover the costs of this event.  In previous years, there was a charge to attend. This year the Chapter is not able to cover the cost of buses for students from Laityview Elementary and Pitt Meadows Elementary.

Show Start Times

We’ll start the morning off with the Intermediate film, La Guerre des Tuques. The film will start at 9:30. The film is 1 hour 22 minutes. We request that students arrive at the Maple Ridge Act at 9:00 am. This gives Eric Langton and Golden Ears the time to walk and buses from Laityview and Pitt Meadows time to travel to the ACT.

The primary students’ film, Un Monstre à Paris begins at 12:30. We would like the primary students to be there at noon. The primary film is 1 hour 30 minutes long. The students will be able to return in time for the end of the school day.

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